PERK: Drone News – The All-New Freefly Astro Drone, Flying Drones in New York City, New York City Drone Laws, Non-Compliance

Our greatest story today has to do with the brand new Freefly Astro drone. Freefly is understood for its super-expensive and heavily-engineered Alta series of drones which are utilized generally in huge productions. Now, it is heartening to keep in mind that this American drone producer has actually chosen to target a larger audience with their brand-new Astro drone. However, are the specifications on this brand-new drone equivalent (or perhaps exceptional) to the similarity DJI, Autel, and Skydio? And with such specifications, can we anticipate this brand-new drone to be gone for an economical cost point? For the most recent scoop on this brand-new drone, tune in to this sector of the program.

Our next huge story has to do with flying drones in New York City As the majority of you may be conscious, an old avigation law makes it prohibited for pilots to fly drones in New York City. Regardless of this law, a drone pilot just recently published a spectacular video catching the charm of Manhattan on Facebook and YouTube. Since of COVID, the streets listed below were rather empty which led to a safe flight. There are lots of New York City drone pilots who are overlooking laws and simply requiring to the skies. Do you believe it is due time that the FAA should alter such drone laws? Do such antiquated drone laws serve little to no function?

Other stories covered in today’s program consist of drone market updates, how the restriction on Chinese drones and extra parts is impacted market majors, reasons remote-id is set to come true quickly, and the significant distinction in FAA’s mindset towards manned and unmanned airplane.

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  • [01:07] Exist any drones that are genuinely made in the U.S.A.?
  • [01:38] Are market majors like Autel, DJI, and Skydio preparing to make drones that are entirely made in the U.S.A.?
  • [03:47] Can the brand-new Freefly Astro drone be called the “Honda Civic of Drones”
  • [05:22] How does the brand-new Freefly Astro drone compare to Freefly’s Alta series of business drones?
  • [07:32] What are the specifications for this brand-new Freefly drone?
  • [07:55] Can we anticipate the brand-new Freefly Astro drone to cost an economical cost point?
  • [08:38] Will the brand-new Freefly Astro drone featured remote-id abilities? What about the flight controller?
  • [11:15]“] New Facebook video catching the charm of Manhattan raises concerns about the existing avigation law which avoids drone flight in New York City
  • [13:53] To date, the number of drone pilots that have been brought up for flying unlawfully in New York City?
  • [19:00] Are antiquated drone laws leading to non-compliance?
  • [22:50] Can we anticipate remote-id for drones to come true anytime in the future?
  • [27:17] Exists a significant distinction in between the FAA’s mindset towards manned and unmanned airplane?
  • [31:20] Will mass non-compliance ultimately require the FAA to present more progressive drone laws?

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