ADU 01210: How to Tackle Criticism and the Importance of Building a Stellar Mindset

Today’s show is about tackling criticism as a drone business owner. 

Entrepreneurship is lonely. And so, handling failure and criticism can be exponentially more difficult for drone service providers running small businesses. And our caller for today, Tom has come up with a very relevant question that has not been asked on the show before. 

Drawing from their combined business experience of more than three decades, Paul and Rob share some engaging anecdotes and lessons to help Tom out. Topics discussed on today’s show include the importance of being receptive to feedback, cultivating self-awareness, and developing a stellar mindset. 

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  • [00:37] Do you want to build a drone team and grow and scale your drone business? Learn how our latest flight school, PROPS can help you out
  • [01:57] Today’s question is about tackling criticism as a drone business owner
  • [02:46] How to best tackle criticism
  • [04:14] Keeping an open mind and learning to accept feedback
  • [05:15] The need to first know yourself intimately
  • [08:24] Cultivating strong mental discipline and work ethic
  • [15:18] How to handle failure
  • [19:38] Overcoming your fear of failing and facilitating a mindset shift
  • [23:00] Building a dream team and surrounding yourself with people smarter than you
  • [27:17] Paul shares his hardest entrepreneurship lesson

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