ADU 01211: Drone Industry Innovations and The Future of Drone Technology

Today’s show is about the future of drone technology and how innovations can fuel explosive growth.

Our caller for today, Ahmad is pursuing his Masters in Innovation and is keen on being a part of the nascent drone industry by taking the start-up route. 

Today’s show is an engaging one as Rob and Paul bounce ideas and speculate about the next industry growth triggers. Topics discussed include the drone battery, propulsion, and safety improvements. We also talk about cutting-edge organizations like Neuralink and how their work could have a ripple, far-reaching impact on the drone industry.

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  • [01:33] Today’s show is about the future of drone technology and innovations
  • [01:43] Need help with growing and scaling your drone business? We have a 7-day Experience Training coming up in November. Book your spot now!
  • [06:24] Our caller for today is keen on an innovation-focused drone startup
  • [07:50] How innovation can dramatically improve drone battery life, propulsion, and flight time
  • [12:01] Can Neuralink spur innovations within the drone industry?
  • [14:07] The pressing need to address drone safety
  • [14:13] Mitigating risk and personal liabilities
  • [18:33] How American drone manufacturers are doubling down on innovation

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