How To Create Better, More Accurate Drone Mapping Deliverables

How to Create More Accurate Drone Maps and Models

Today’s show is about drone mapping.

Our caller for today, Eduardo wishes to specifically know if using a GNSS rover and marking GCP points can improve the accuracy of his drone mapping deliverables.

To help Eduardo out, we first clear up some fundamentals of drone mapping.

Topics discussed here include the difference between relative accuracy and absolute accuracy and the importance of ground sampling distance.

You will also learn how to select the best and most affordable mapping drone in today’s show.

And lastly, we share how we, at Drone U can help you master the nuances of drone mapping.

Whether you are an aspiring or an experienced drone mapper, listening to today’s show will particularly help you out.

Tune in now!

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  • [03:32] Today question is about improving overall drone mapping accuracy
  • [05:41] Absolute accuracy vs. Relative accuracy – Understanding the difference
  • [06:44] Using a GNSS rover and marking GCP’s for better accuracy
  • [18:35] How to optimize Ground Sampling Distance (GSD)
  • [21:32] How to purchase the best and most affordable mapping drone
  • [23:13] How can Drone U help you master drone mapping?


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