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VIMAAN automated warehouse drones are working nights – flying through warehouses to perform inventory audits.  DesignWorldOnline reports that customers say VIMAAN’s StorTRACK AIR  can capture 1,500 locations per hour, and deliver on one of warehouses critical KPIs.

As labor shortages persist, automated warehouse drones and robotics solutions offer companies a force multiplier to perform more  tasks during off hours.  The company says the aircraft is the first of its kind: totally automated and integrated into the customer’s WMS (warehouse management system).  With the VIMAAN ViewDeck system, customers can compare data stored in the system to data scanned by the drone for greater accuracy.

The StorTRACK AIR automated warehouse drones don’t just scan barcodes.  Sensors gather data from floor to ceiling, and can create a 3D digital model of the warehouse space and read not only barcodes, but other label information.  AI-powered analytics can provide more data, such as locating empty bins.

Indoor operations on private property are subject to fewer regulations than drone flown outdoors, an advantage for customers.  DesignWorld points out that most customers utilize the automated drones at night, when warehouse floors are empty – optimizing workflows.  As the entire supply chain and logistics industry works to recover from the pandemic and other global interruptions, any opportunity for greater accuracy and efficiency makes sense.


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