A Low-Tech Solution to High Data Center Electric Bills

Back in July, we touched on how UK data centers were struggling to stay cool through unseasonably warm temperatures.

Five months later, our telecom reading list starts off with a very different story: Equinix is considering a multi-year project to raise its data center temperatures.

Equinix’s fix for high power bills? Hotter data centers

In order to reduce electric bills and conserve energy, Equinix may soon turn the temperature up on its data centers. This project would raise data center temperatures from 73°F to 80°F over the span of multiple years.

According to Jon Lin, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Data Center Services for Equinix, “The equipment that’s currently in our data centers has been well designed and well tested under higher operating temperatures.”

(Jim Poole, Equinix Vice President of Business Development, was recently on our podcast to discuss NaaS, Equinix’s role in the market as a data center provider, and more. Catch that episode here.)

Turkcell Unsuccessful With Iran Lawsuit

South Africa’s MTN Group has announced the end of a decade-long legal battle centered on its Iranian subsidiary, MTN Irancell.

The case was centered on allegations of impropriety related to the Iranian government’s 2005 decision to oust Turkcell as a shareholder in Iran’s first private sector mobile licensee, Irancell, and install MTN in its place.

Research Analyst Pete Bell revisits the background of this case in his latest trends piece.

Google, Oracle, Amazon and Microsoft awarded Pentagon cloud deal of up to $9 billion combined

The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded its revamped cloud-computing contract to Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Oracle.

“All four of the technology companies have won indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity, or IDIQ, contracts, meaning that they can involve an indefinite amount of services for a specific period of time.”

Check out this CNBC article to learn more about this contract—and why the award is particularly notable for Oracle.

Latin American Market Trends: Brazil and Mexico

Our analysts have been busy attending conferences and gathering market intelligence from many of the most prominent telecom companies around the world.

In a new blog, Senior Research Analyst Peter Wood recaps the discussion themes that stood out at the Futurecom and Mexico Connect 2022 conferences.

Hypothetical Network Series #5: Let’s Throw Bandwidth at the Problem

We just wrapped up our five-part hypothetical network series.

This blog series dives into some of the approaches that WAN managers might take to balance performance and cost considerations. It combines our enterprise port and SD-WAN overlay pricing data and applies it to scenarios we’ve seen WAN managers consider to illustrate how these strategies can impact network costs.

You can read the first installment here.


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