The FIFA Fantasy In The World Of Web 3.0

The most awaited season in football history was there in Qatar, with our favorite trio facing off for one last time. We have been huge fans of the vivid Football Clubs with legends like Mbappe, Ronaldo, and Messi. This is the time to witness which legends walk close to the Ballon d’Or. What could be more fantasizing about playing a Web 3.0-based game? It would also be great to watch Argentina battle Portugal or France in Virtual Reality with a bunch of cool NFTs.

The Web 3.0 world in the domain of games backed billions in 2021 and is set to create records this year as well. And what could be a better time to start your football game than now? With Web 3.0, the games get decentralized, and the players govern the set of rules altogether.

This WorldCup is slowly setting with the flags high for Argentina, and the king of football has already achieved his dream.

The stunning match between Argentina and France is one of the best sports events to be ever witnessed by mankind. And the game was an ode to the late Maradonna, who prepared the trophy right away for his Argentinian successor. The goat, Messi has been inspired and impressed by the technological advancements, including the cutting-edge Web 3 technology stack. He himself has a share in Web3 games in FIFA 2022. Not just that, $200M has been invested in creating a Messi-inspired theme park in China. For now, let us have a glimpse of some of the games released by FIFA 2022.

Technologies Under The Web3 Umbrella

Blockchain Technology

A blockchain represents a distributed ledger that is fully sufficient to record peer-to-peer transactions. Through this technology, users can confirm transactions and central cleaning authorities.

Using this technology, participants can confirm transactions without the requirement for a central clearing authority. Potential applications can include financial transfers, settling transactions, voting, and other difficulties.


The digital virtual currency that uses encryptions for safeguarding transactions and operate without any third party interference. Cryptocurrencies are a phenomenal mode of carrying decentalized trade. Later these tokens can be exchanged at exchange wallets. Here blockchain technology is used to analyze the value of the cryptocurrency and check the money circulations.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine Learning has gained massive popularity in the recent years with Siri and Alexa. Through AI, the recent social media trend of creating virtual avtar has gained a momentum. This is made possible by Natural Language Processing.

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations

DAOs are a robust method for collaborating with people all across the world. Considering this in mind, they have built in treasuries which can not be opened without the permission of the group. DAO also comprise voting, making decisions and ensuring that the company always gets a voice.

Distributed Computing (Edge Computing)

Edge computing has served as a networking paradigm that completely concentrates on processing data with bandwidth usage. Through, processing from the networking edge, the quantity of communication can get considerably reduced. Edge commuting involves, executing fewer processes on the cloud and putting them into local locations like a user’s personal desktop or an edge server.


Another interesting component of the universe of Web 3.0 is the Metaverse. The Metaverse is a pure virtual wonder in which humans can interact and socialize with each other through their virtual avatars. Virtual avatars are the personalized profiles of the members of the metaverse. The birth of the internet in the 22nd century will bring about decentralization in a new manner. The metaverse will erase geo-barriers and enable users to enjoy virtual visits and tours like never before.

Web3 Games Incorporated By FIFA

AI League: FIFA World Cup


Image Credit – PRNewsWire

Launched in the month of November, this is a mobile game where the users can predict

Matches in the World Cup. The predictions hold certain points which will be utilized for winning points that will be exchanged for prizes. After the world cup, the user can even get a chance to play in the AI League, which will be a casual football game. You will also leverage the option of collecting and trading characters while creating your own team and making them compete against each other within the realms of the metaverse.

This game is run by AI-controlled characters with player inputs tactically. Players can also create their own team full of their favorite players.

Players can also collect and trade their characters with other players while improving their abilities in rigorous training sessions.

The soccer fields are made in various locations, stretching to cities like Rio, Seoul, Paris, and many more.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in the Upland Metaverse

Upland to collaborate with FIFA to gamify the world's largest open metaverse  - NFT News Pro

Image Credit – NFT News

Upland is all set to work in a gamified manner with the largest open-blockchain network. Upland will create rich and fun experiences in the virtual world with 3M registered accounts. For the current FIFA World Cup, the stadium named Lusail will be added to Upland’s metaverse along with other nearby landscapes. This can be visited by the fans virtually in the metaverse.

For football fans, Upland has also introduced a collection of NFTs. Multiple rarities are available inside the virtual world. These rarities are posters, cards, logos, boots, and shirts. Many more of them are also there, and fans can leverage these NFT collections to adorn their collection based on the total 32 teams.

After a user completes a collection, the fan score can benefit him with a bucket full of rewards. The prizes can extend upto winning the entire virtual stadium itself.

Matchday Challenge

Matchday, a blockchain-based gaming startup, has partnered with FIFA and the football global union Fdration Internationale des Associations de Footballeurs Professionnels (FIFPRO) to bring football-related experiences to its platform.

Matchday is a blockchain-based gaming startup partnered with the FIFA Federation and the football global union Federation Internationale des Associations de Footballeurs Professionnels (FIFPRO) to bring football-related games back to the platform. Along with the FIFA edition, a casual mobile game is also set to be launched in 2023.

This game basically allows the gamers to challenge other players to predict the world cup matches. They win after making accurate predictions along with gaining accurate predictions.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on Phygtle

This mobile app allows users to generate, an eternal level of fandom by describing physical goods and experiences which get tied to digital assets. This will turn bridge the gap between physical and digital world. The golden globe of the FIFA Trophy can be recreated and collectible figurine, digital assets can be collected.

An eternal representation of fandom will exactly sound like NFTs and this platform offers various NFTs.

Official NFTs for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: FIFA+ Collect

FIFA Collect enables fans to get a convenient outlook on collecting FIFA themed NFTs, mostly highlights from it 92-year old history. The users can have their hands on live streams, highlights, collectible cards and stats of matches taking place while capturing the moments with exciting NFTs.

Crypto Payments For The FIFA World Cup

FIFA announced earlier this year that it would collaborate with blockchain innovator Algorand. An official Blockchain Platform will be created for the world cup. There will be platform for the development of digital assets strategy.

Crypto currency exchange platform, is the official sponsor of the FIFA Cup 2022. will benefit from publicity as they are their banners and billboards will be put up in the stadium. FIFA also has fan tokens in its bag where these web3 digital assets will allow the fans to interact with and influence the decision of football clubs. Fan token holders get the benefits of rewards as well as the chance for winning prizes like cool merchandise. Football fans are the most loyal and emotional fans. They are ready to spend a large amount of money for their teams when it comes to showing support.


Through this article we understood that the world of Web 3 has created several possibilities for almost all industries. FIFA has helped take the cutting-edge technological solutions to a global scale by releasing Web 3 crafted games. The scope of the sports industry is bright in the world of web 3.0. With technologies like Blockchain and the Metaverse, the sports sector can not just create NFTs and stream but also conduct matches in virtual reality.

The era of futuristic sports have just begun and what the Qatar World Cup has lighted the lamp. Indeed the next hosts have a technical challenge to keep up with.

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