Lower Colorado River Authority to evaluate personal network by means of Anterix’s 900 MHz

The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) has actually been approved permission by the Federal Communications Commission to evaluate making use of a personal cellular network counting on 900 MHz spectrum held by Anterix.

LCRA runs 6 dams and produces hydroelectric power, supplying wholesale electrical power to 34 retail energies in Texas that serve more than 1 million individuals in 55 counties. It offers local management of the Colorado River in regards to water system for more than 1 million individuals along with leisure areas, handling more than 30 parks, entertainment locations and natural deposits locations. It has a running business that likewise owns and services 5,200 miles of transmission lines and almost 400 power substations.

The company wishes to evaluate personal LTE network for its energy operations, intending to check out making use of mission-critical push-to-talk, information and video.

In its description of the screening submitted with the FCC, LCRA laid out strategies to release an overall of 13 test websites, with a number of in Austin, Texas, along with extra websites in San Marcos, Brookesmith, Paint Rock and Wharton, Texas.

It will be utilizing devices from a range of suppliers, consisting of Nokia and Ericsson, and gadgets from business consisting of Sonim, Cisco and Samsung; the Band 8 900 MHz devices, LCRA kept in mind, is currently accredited and in usage worldwide despite the fact that it requires “speculative” classification to run in the United States due to existing spectrum allotments.

LCRA wishes to evaluate operations in the band utilizing a proposed 3 × 3 MHz allowance and part of its work will consist of evaluation of whether the operations trigger disturbance in nearby bands, along with whether that offers the required capability and latency for the push-to-talk, video and information.

LCRA was approved a twelve-month unique short-lived authority (STA) that will end in February 2025.


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