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Blockmate Ventures (TSXV: MATE, OTCQB: MATEF, FSV:8 MH1) is a blockchain and Web3 incubator established by a skilled group of cryptocurrency and financing specialists. With listings on the Toronto Stock Market, OTCQB endeavor market and Frankfurt Stock market, the business runs throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), The United States And Canada and Asia-Pacific.

For business owners, dealing with Blockmate implies getting to a special and continuously broadening company environment that uses innovation, combinations, digital possessions, management and advisory services to assist accelerate their jobs towards money making.

For financiers, Blockmate all at once represents both an engaging addition to any Web3-focused portfolio and an early signifier of how the marketplace might alter in the coming years.

Blockmate’s present portfolio consists of:

  • Midpoint – a forex business accredited in the UK, Canada and Hong Kong;
  • Hivello – a Web3 mining app which links the Web3 procedures, offering financially rewarding rewards to countless users with a web connection; and
  • Sunified Token – a token anticipated to release in 2024 to digitize and equalize solar power, opening a brand-new solar economy.

Business Emphasizes.

  • Blockmate Ventures is a Web3 incubator tailored towards blockchain innovation and decentralization.
  • Skilled management group of business owners and economists who have actually been establishing and running effective business considering that the dotcom period
  • Noted on the TSXV, OTCQB and Frankfurt Stock Market
  • Portfolio consists of FX payment platform, Midpoint, Hivello, Sunified Token and domains such as and
  • Midpoint has more than 7 years of copyright and licenses in the UK, Canada and Hong Kong.
  • Decentralized physical facilities networks (DePIN) represent a substantial chance for Web3, which Blockmate will take advantage of through Hivello, its very first blockchain business.
  • Through Sunified Token, Blockmate will take advantage of the growing solar power market, which doubles every 2 years, to equalize solar power.
  • Blockmats is presently priced at 5 cents per show massive development capacity.

Secret Services.


Midpoint is a forex market that eliminates market inadequacies, allowing companies to make and get cross-border payments at interbank, midmarket foreign exchange rates. Tailored mostly towards high net-worth people and little to medium business, Midpoint supplies a more curated, white-glove design service compared to platforms like Wise. Midpoint is extremely scalable, safe and secure and transparent.


Hivello is an ingenious, decentralized passive earnings generator. Hivello permits users to contribute their idle computing resources to make as much as US$ 20 monthly.

Job Emphasizes:

  • Blockmate’s First Blockchain Business: Web3 mining app which links the Web3 procedures, offering financially rewarding rewards to countless users with a web connection.
  • Easy to Utilize: Needs no technical know-how and really little setup.

Sunified Token

Blockmate and Sunified have actually partnered to release the very first solar power oracle token. This worldwide service will take advantage of Sunified’s trademarked UNITY sensing unit hardware to digitize electrons straight on photovoltaic panels.

Involvement in these solar jobs by means of Sunified’s token economy will start in Q4 2023. These neighborhood and designer programs will bring an amazing chance to participate in the early advancement of a cross-chain tokenized energy leveraging artificial intelligence and expert system (AI) of the future.

Sunified has actually set out to produce an international market allowing solar photovoltaic (PV) production information and application programs user interface (API) access to every photovoltaic panel, developing extra profits streams from the information and digital offtakes. Energy tokenization is a considerable chauffeur for capital development in establishing solar and sustainable possessions, equalizing the ownership and access to solar.

Sunified’s Web3 oracle procedure will utilize DeepTech, device intelligence and AI to crypto anchor, improve and keep the solar and PV production information sets into a blockchain journal for immutability. In addition, the platform information will likewise benefit economically from its capability to carry out real-time granular marking of green energy carbon credits by means of instead of renewable resource certificates or massive generation certificates (that can use up to 3 months to stem, validate and list).

Job Emphasizes:

  • Quickly growing solar power market: Sunified is well-positioned to take advantage of
  • Enormous worth generation: Resolving substantial solar power market inadequacies, consisting of optimization at the panel and engaging the need
  • Trademarked sensing units: Offering Sunified the edge in catching this financially rewarding market

Management Group.

Domenic Carosa – President and Non-executive Director

Domenic Carosa is the president and a non-executive director of Blockmate and has more than 25 years of experience integrating company and innovation. He is likewise the creator and chairman of TSXv-listed fintech Banxa Holdings and has actually bought more than 50 technology-based business by means of his endeavor fund Dominet Endeavor Partners.

Justin Rosenberg – CEO

Given that working as a chartered accounting professional with Arthur Andersen, Justin Rosenberg has actually encouraged and raised capital for start-ups for over twenty years. These have actually consisted of business noted on the Australian Securities Exchange and the TSX Endeavor Exchange. Rosenberg is initially from Sydney, Australia and is now based in Toronto, Canada.

Andrew Smith – CEO (Hivello)

Andrew is the co-founder and CEO of Hivello. He has more than 15 years of experience in online, mobile, and fintech companies. Smith was formerly a co-founder and director of European operations for Banxa; starting in Australia in early 2014 and leaving business in 2021 as a TSXv-listed fintech.

Konstantin Lichtenwald – CFO

Konstantin Lichtenwald has more than 15 years of financing and accounting experience, consisting of public business compliance, business financing, accounting and monetary management. He presently holds director or officer positions in a variety of openly noted business. He belongs to the Chartered Expert Accountants of British Columbia, along with the Chartered Expert Accountants of Canada.

David Wong – Chairman

David Wong is a London-based business owner and financier in disruptive innovations and formerly the handling director of Expadis Capital. Wong co-founded an openly traded digital media business, and has comprehensive experience in structure and encouraging innovation business and assisting companies scale globally.

Corbin Comishin – Non-executive Director

Corbin Comishin contributed in preparing much of the paperwork and accounting for the business to finish the RTO on the TSX.V in 2013. Comishin is the primary certified public accountant of C. Comishin & & Associates Inc, where his company presently prepares all the accounting paperwork for the quarterly filings. He has actually been operating in public practice considering that 1994 and primary partner considering that 1998.

Georg Hochwimmer – Non-executive Director

Georg Hochwimmer is primary expert at General Research study GmbH, a securities research study and analysis company. He is CEO of supraMAT Technologies AG, and established prominent German technical start-ups JenaBatteries, SmartDyelivery, and Trophosys. He is likewise a handling director of Microdrop Technologies, a leading 3D microprinting business. Hochwimmer has actually advanced degrees in chemistry and mechanical engineering.

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