Maja Dlugolecki Treasures This Classic Helen Frankenthaler Book

What purchases “worth it”? The response is various for everyone, so we’re asking a few of the coolest, most shopping-savvy individuals we understand– from small-business owners to designers, artists, and stars– to inform us the story behind one of their most valued ownerships.


Maja Dlugolecki began painting in 2015 after going through a bad break up. “Painting was truly a cathartic release for me,” she states. “Maturing playing music, [painting] was simply type of another version of expression, and type of a various discipline.”

Tadzio Dlugolecki

If you scroll through painter Maja Dlugolecki’s body of work, you’ll discover both art and discoveries from her journal. From handwritten notes and enjoy letters to voice memos, she thinks in the power of words. “If I’m going through something, [my work] will be type of an expression of that time. Simply a sentence, or a couple of words strung together,” she states. “I keep in mind of that, and after that when I end up a painting, I review those journal entries. That’s how I call my work– it’s based upon what I was discussing, or what I was speaking about, or who I was speaking to at that time.”

While her studio is based in Los Angeles, Maja is a regular tourist that invests numerous months in between various cities, deeply immersing herself within cultures that eventually affect her work. In 2015 Maja travelled through Buenos Aires, Mexico City, New York City City, and Paris, the latter of which she prepares to go back to this summer season. “My leap of faith was to get a studio for myself, which truly opened a great deal of doors,” she remembers. “It simply seemed like a financial investment in myself, eventually. My work is truly a visual journal of sorts. It has a great deal of layers to it, given that it’s a mix of collections based upon the areas that I reside in and take a trip to, along with commissions.”


Helen Frankenthaler is Maja’s preferred artist, making her copy of Frankenthaler incredibly valuable to her. She frequently scans the vintage book while painting in the studio. “I enjoy her story, and her work makes me drop in my tracks if I see it in a museum,” Maja describes. “It makes me feel a great deal of feelings, and it makes me keep in mind specific minutes. That’s the charm of abstract work; the artist might be considering something when they’re developing it, however we are all taking a look at it from our own lens, from our own experience.”

” There’s a lot development. I have actually altered even an artist and an individual given that 2015,” Maya states. “However this book has actually constantly been among my most valuable ownerships.”

Tadzio Dlugolecki

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