Barclays Internship Interview Experience (On-campus) 2023

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Barclays recently visited our campus ( Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Technology, Pimpri, Pune.) for the role of (Summer Intern 2023 ) for the batch 2024. The Duration of the Internship is 8 weeks. Criteria are as follows.

  • Only CS and IT students are eligible.
  • 60% or above throughout ( 10th and 12th ).
  • 6.0 and above CGPA with No Backlogs. 

The recruitment process consists of only 2 rounds one is the online assessment and round two were Technical + HR interview.

Online assessment: It is conducted on HackerEarth. 

  • It consists of a total of 30 questions of which 28 were MCQs based on java, CPP, python, and some core subjects like OOPS and DBSMS there are no questions from OS. 
  • The Remaining two are of coding rounds the questions are listed below.
    • 1st question – Given an array of N integers, make any number of partitions such that if there are K partitions, Pl – P2 + P3 – P4 + P5 ….+(-1)(K-1)Pk should be maximum where Pi is the ith partition.
    • I don’t remember the second question but it was the medium-level question.
  • For the MCQ section, you need to practice with the questions. Try giving an online assessment of topics you prepared on platforms like GFG or CN or wherever you want. Most of the questions were output-based and exception-handling. 

Also, I have a Mock test mentioned in my Email of the main test link. Although it is very easy it helps you to have an idea about the test environment and makes you feel more confident. The test is scheduled for 10 pm and the total time for the test is 90 min. I will suggest you have a look at Barclays archives in GFG, It will help you a lot. Also, ask your seniors if they have given the Barclays test they will also help you.

Test results were announced on the same day evening. In my college, there are around 300 students given the test out of which 21 were shortlisted for the interview round. I was one of them. 

Round 2: Talking about the second round combined interview of technical + HR. The person who took the technical the same person takes the HR round. My Interviewer was VP at the Barclays. And most of the Interviews Barclays were taken by their VPS. He was a very calm person He is cracking jokes while the interview and Makes me feel comfortable while the interview. He was having 11 years of experience in Barclays.

  • He first asked me to introduce myself. Like for most of the interview, this is gonna be your first question so you have to prepare it very well. try watching videos on YouTube or reading articles about it. 
  • I have mentioned a skill of fast learning in my resume. He asked me to explain that Skill. although I believe you should not mention skills like this try only technical things to mention in the resume you can add such things in other sections.
  • Then he asked me about my favorite subject. Then he said to mention my least favorite subject and why it is so. them he continued to favorite subject. I have mentioned DBMS as my favorite. After that, he asked me some questions about DBMS like what are ACID properties, Normalization. etc.
  • After that, he asked me what Data structure names I know, then asked me about their real-world applications of them. 
  • Then we moved to the project section. I have explained my project. It was on React JS. He asked me why I chose to react to the project. There are other questions also on a project I don’t remember them but they are of the basic-level project that you can probably answer easily if you have made your own project. 
  • At last, he asked me some HR questions like why do I want to work at Barclays? , what do you know about Barclays? Barclays values ( RISES – for those who don’t know what RISES is Barclays have mentioned 5 values on their values section of the website it is an initial letter of all those 5 values. )Also, visit the Barclays website it will also help you in your interview.
  • At last, he also mentioned to me to ask me any questions I have. and the interview ended.

It lasted for about 30 min. Be confident in your Interview, there is a very good line about confidence. – Fake it until you make it. 

The final results were announced after 3 to 4 days out of 21 students, 13 were selected. My name is also there among the 13 students.


  • Believe in yourself if you have practiced you will be defiantly get selected. 
  • Also reading at Barclays archived someone has mentioned that there is a 4-letter word LUCK which you cannot take over. 
  • I would like to repeat it. Give your best and accept whatever the result is. 

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