The future of retail is now, at NRF

The future of retail is here. As both a Cisco leader and as a consumer, I am excited to see it on display at the upcoming “Big Show” of the National Retail Federation (NRF) in New York City later this month.

Simple, personalized experiences make shopping easier and more efficient for consumers. Imagine a customer in the market for some sneakers. They might search for the perfect pair in a store’s app. The app would not only suggest products for them, but they can let the shopper know if their local branch has them in stock. Once they’re in the store, they can use way-findingNRF to help them find the desired shoes, and perhaps even suggest an outfit that would go great with them.

Your trusted technology partner in retail

Beyond improving the retail experience for shoppers, technology optimizes business outcomes for the retailers, too. Improving revenue and increasing inventory accuracy through theft and fraud prevention are top-of-mind concerns for retailers large and small.

Cisco helps Retail customers envision transformative outcomes—for their customers and their business. Our innovative solutions like Meraki, along with our third-party ecosystem partners, are helping Retail customers achieve their aims and realize their market potential. I’m excited to have these conversations with customers in NYC later this month.

See solutions in action

If you’d like to join us to experience what’s possible for your retail business, visit us at NRF Booth #5739 to explore what’s possible with our secure, intelligent solutions.

Throughout NRF, we’ll have demos of our Webex CPaaS Solutions, Cisco Meraki, meldCX, sesimagotag, EVERYANGLE, MHT and Wipro VisionEDGE, demonstrating how you can:

  • Orchestrate richer communications
  • Gain visibility, derive insights and take action
  • Secure assets and ensure compliance
  • Automate the intelligent store
  • Personalize engagement

Schedule a meeting with a Cisco subject matter expert or with me. Our team is available for onsite meetings to help discuss your specific business needs. Contact your sales representative to schedule a meeting.

I look forward to seeing you in New York City!


Visit our Cisco at NRF 2023 webpage for more details on our presence at the show.


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