YouTube Music begins testing live lyrics

What you need to know

  • YouTube Music is lightly testing a redesigned Casting UI and live lyrics alongside it.
  • The lyrics currently being sung appear highlighted in white before it auto-scrolls to the next line.
  • The Casting UI features moving elements such as the album cover, information on the artist, songwriters, and a blurred background.

YouTube is seemingly beginning to test a new feature for those looking to sing along with their favorite tunes.

A Reddit user posted the supposed testing features, including a look at the redesign of YouTube Music’s Casting UI (via 9to5Google). The overall UI while casting your YouTube Music songs is where the testing begins. Through a Cast from their Pixel 6 Pro to a Chromecast Ultra, the Reddit user found that when a song is beginning, its album will remain front and center for a time before shifting off to the right side. In the empty center, the song’s artist and title will appear before giving way to the lyrics if available.

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