Asianet Broadband is Offering 125 Mbps Plan for a Very Low Price


Asianet Broadband is offering its 125 Mbps broadband plan at a very affordable price. The regional internet service provider (ISP) which only offers services in Kerala, recently also introduced a new 1 Gbps broadband plan. The 125 Mbps plan is good enough for any household that has basic internet usage needs. It is also sufficient for people who are working from home and then also have others who use the same internet connection for learning and entertainment needs. Let’s take a look at the Rs 125 Mbps plan offer from Asianet.

Asianet Broadband 125 Mbps Plan for a Very Low Price

Asianet Broadband is offering 125 Mbps plan for just Rs 700 per month. This offer is available to customers who are going for the 5 months plan at least. The total cost that the customer would have to pay for this service is Rs 3499. The five months plan at Rs 3499 with 125 Mbps speed is a really good option. There’s also a free dual-band router included in the offer for the customers. So you won’t have to spend extra there either.

The company hasn’t mentioned the specific FUP (fair-usage-policy) data limit of the plan here. However, in the terms and conditions page, it is mentioned that Asianet Broadband plans offer between 3TB to 5.5TB data per month. So on the basis of that, you would get at least 3TB of data with this plan. The FUP data resets every month.

There’s also an annual recharge offer available for customers. If the customers of Asianet Broadband purchase this offer for 12 months, they would get 2 months of service for free. This means, effectively, you will be getting a total of 14 months of service by paying for 12 months. Asianet Broadband doesn’t offer its services outside of Kerala. To get a new connection from the compay, you can reach out to its customer care through the official website.

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