U.K. authorities arrest 6 individuals in strategy to interrupt London Stock market

6 individuals remain in custody on Sunday as Metropolitan Cops investigators examine a plot to interrupt the London Stock market, authorities stated.

The authorities stated the arrests were made in Brighton, Liverpool, and London.

In a declaration, the Metropolitan Cops in the U.K. stated the accusations are that activists from the Palestine Action group were meaning to target the LSE on Monday, “triggering damage and ‘locking on’ in an effort to avoid the structure opening for trading.”

An agent from the LSE stated they had no remark however kept in mind that no trading occurs at London Stock market itself. Equity trading is completely electronic, and there hasn’t been a physical trading flooring considering that 1986.

An agent from Palestine Action stated in an e-mail: “The London Stock market raise billions of pounds for apartheid Israel and trade shares in weapons makers which equip Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian individuals. Whilst Britain stays complicit in the harsh colonisation of Palestine, our direct action project will not be hindered.”

The arrests were made previously Sunday, the authorities stated. The Metropolitan Cops included that they are in touch with City of London Cops and other forces in the U.K. after a tip that this was one part of a scheduled week of action “to make sure that suitable resources remain in location to handle any disturbance.”

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