Verge of Financial World War 3 as it Ends Up Being West Versus the Rest– Willem Middelkoop

The Daniela Cambone Program Dec 20, 2023

” The huge reset has actually begun. We’ll see a modification with the West and the dollar losing power and the East, the BRICS nations acquiring power,” states Willem Middelkoop, creator of the Product Discovery Fund, in our current interview with Daniela Cambone. Middelkoop determines geopolitical threats as a centerpiece for financiers in 2024, warning that continuous disputes in the Middle East, consisting of those including Iran, Yemen, and the Houthis, might intensify. “It’s a really unsafe advancement,” he cautions. Furthermore, he reveals issue about a revival of inflation in late 2024 and 2025. In action to these monetary difficulties, he encourages financiers to diversify their portfolios as a tactical method to browse the upcoming headwinds.

00:00 Conversation on Fed Rate Cuts
03:08 Global Trade and Geopolitical Dangers
06:10 The West vs. the Rest
07:16 Financial World War III
08:12 Shift in Power and the Function of Gold
10:02 United States Dollar and Reserve Bank Digital Currencies
11:30 The Fantastic Taking and Financial Collapse
13:59 Bank Insolvencies and System Overhaul
18:59 Inflation and Currency Debasement
20:56 Outlook for Product Investors
22:18 Conclusion


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