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NEO Battery Products Ltd. (TSXV: NBM; OTCQB: NBMFF) is a Canada-based battery innovation business concentrated on establishing silicon anode product for lithium-ion batteries utilized in electrical lorries (EV), electronic devices and energy storage systems.The business’s trademarked silicon anode innovation, called NBMSiDE ®, uses an energy-efficient, one-step nano covering procedure to i) allow ultra-fast charging, ii) increase EV driving variety by higher than 20 percent, and iii) make more than 70 percent less expensive compared to rivals. NBMSiDE ® coats strong, long lasting nanomaterials on the surface area of the silicon particles to successfully solve silicon’s volume growth issue, allowing dependability and high efficiency in EV lithium-ion batteries.

Why Silicon and Global Market Development

EV batteries are made up of 4 huge parts– cathode, anode, separator and electrolyte. Extremely gone over battery metals like lithium, cobalt, nickel and manganese are manufactured to form the cathode product. On the anode side, graphite has actually long been the go-to product considering that the commercialization of lithium-ion batteries, however significant problems, particularly with regard to low capability and sluggish charging, are hindering the development of EV adoption internationally.

Silicon is acknowledged as the exclusively readily available product to solve graphite’s shortages, using the attraction of high capability and faster charging times. Provided the seriousness to incorporate silicon as a crucial part in EV batteries, the international silicon anode market is anticipated to proliferate from around US$ 0.4 billion in 2022 to US$ 28.7 billion in 2032, representing a substance yearly development rate of 54 percent. Nevertheless, for all its benefits, silicon has its own set of difficulties.

Throughout the charge and discharge cycle, silicon tends to broaden more than 300 percent in volume, and supporting the product has actually been a considerable difficulty to the market. Traditional techniques to reduce the volume growth issue of silicon anodes are costly and unscalable due to energy-intensive procedures and high-cost input feedstocks. The majority of the business utilizing silicon anode count on pricey production procedures to prevent the problem, leading to a rate point that is around 8 times (US$ 80 per kg) more costly than graphite anode (US$ 10 per kg).

Business Emphasizes.

  • NEO Battery Products is a Canada-based battery products innovation business concentrated on establishing silicon anode products for lithium-ion batteries in electrical lorries (EV), electronic devices and energy storage systems.
  • The business’s trademarked innovation, called NBMSiDE ®, provides affordable, longer-running and ultra-fast-charging batteries compared to existing advanced graphite anode products. NBM is intending to accomplish the 1,000-mile battery for EVs utilizing its silicon anode products.
  • NBM is placing itself as an inexpensive, high-performance silicon anode product provider for EV lithium-ion batteries. NBM’s capability to make silicon anode products financially and effectively is an important point of distinction from existing rivals.
  • NEO Battery Products has actually signed more than 60 NDAs with global-tier business, consisting of battery cell producers, EV car manufacturers, electronic devices producers and prominent battery supply chain business. With these celebrations, NBM is carrying out more than 20 active product assessments to strike turning point joint advancement, cooperation and offtake arrangements
  • The business is preparing to build business plants both in Canada and South Korea to make NBMSiDE ®. Even more, NBM is intending to develop extra plants in the U.S. and Europe to develop itself as an international leading 10 silicon anode provider in the EV battery market.

Secret Innovation: NBMSiDE ®

Key Technology: NBMSiDEu00ae

NBM declares its trademarked silicon anode innovation, called NBMSiDE ®, might handle and solve the volume growth issue by covering the silicon particles with mechanically long lasting nanomaterials such as flexible polymers and carbon nanotubes. There are presently 8 patents provided and pending for this innovation throughout numerous jurisdictions.

NBM’s exclusive one-step procedure makes it possible for considerably lower production expenses than other silicon anode products. NBM all at once blends and nanocoats the silicon precursor, ingredients and nano covering products to make the end product. Unlike rivals that make in multi-steps at heats of >> 1,500 degrees Celsius and/or in vacuum systems, NBMSiDE ® is produced at space temperature level and pressure, understanding considerable energy cost savings and decreasing carbon emissions. NBM’s capability to financially make silicon anode products is an important point of distinction from existing business.

NEO Battery Products’ ingenious NBMSiDE ® puts the business in a perfect position to utilize this rapid market development, led by a management group with a tested performance history in the international battery market.


NBMSiDE ® is leading the way for affordable, longer-running and ultra-fast-charging batteries, which can drive down the EV expenses and eventually increase EV adoption. The business intends to accomplish the 1,000-mile battery for EVs utilizing its silicon anode products.

NBM has actually even more enhanced its one-step procedure to accomplish constant, consistent nano covering abilities– an essential element for high efficiency and quality assurance. Consistent nano covering layers strengthened silicon’s structural toughness, showing over a 70 percent boost in battery cycle life enhancement. NBMSiDE ® likewise maintains more than 70 percent greater preliminary battery capability (determined in mAh/g) compared to rivals and has actually recognized 5-minute ultra-fast charging in tests.

Effective advancement and crucial advantages of NBMSiDE ® has actually captured the interest of downstream users. Having actually signed more than 60 non-disclosure arrangements, that include international battery cell producers and EV car manufacturers, NBM is focusing on to ink several turning point arrangements such as joint advancements, cooperations and offtakes. To date, the business is carrying out more than 20 active product assessments with international NDA celebrations to obtain such value-creating turning points.

NEO Battery Materials

Due to technological developments, downstream consumers’ need for NBMSiDE ® has actually experienced an uptick. To reduce traffic jams and order stockpiles, NBM is transferring to a growth center with bigger production and screening devices. The business prepares to employ extra research study engineers to increase the total R&D performance for commercialization.

Commercialization will be attained through building mass production plants in Canada and South Korea. With a preliminary capability of 240 heaps each year, the last plant capability is approximated to reach 5,000 heaps each year. Consequently, NBM intends to extend its international existence by developing extra business plants in the U.S. and Europe through joint endeavors.

With the preliminary capability, NBM prepares for a preliminary income of US$ 12 million representing a supply capability for 80,000 to 160,000 EVs. At complete capability, income generation might increase to US$ 250 million. NBM prepares to develop a minimum of 3 business plants by 2030, providing it a capability of 15,000 heaps each year to place itself as an international leading 10 silicon anode provider.

Management Group.

Spencer Huh– Director, President and CEO

Spencer Huh has more than 25 years of monetary and functional experience in Canada and Korea, with competence in monetary operations, technique, efficiency management, and company preparation. In the early part of his profession, he worked as a financial investment consultant with big business such as Hanwha Securities, TD Canada Trust, and BMO Nesbitt Burns. Considering that 2012, Huh has actually dealt with many personal and openly noted business in Korea and Canada, consisting of mining, medical gadget, and modern business. He has actually played an essential function in the facility, acquisition, and funding for these business.

S. R. Hwang– Director, Chief Operating Officer and SVP

S. R. Hwang has more than thirty years of experience working for Samsung SDI (sixth biggest international battery producer), working as the executive director, chief of acquiring and consultant up until 2018. His duties consisted of handling the supply chain, procurement preparation and advanced company advancement. Throughout his time with Samsung SDI, Hwang collected a huge network and info pipeline within the lithium-ion battery market. He has a deep understanding of company advancement and trade abilities, along with specialized understanding in basic materials, such as cobalt, nickel, and aluminum.

Dr. S. G. Kim– Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. S. G. Kim worked as the executive vice-president and head of R&D of Hanwha Solutions’ Advanced Products Department, a multibillion-dollar South Korean corporation. Kim led Hanwha Solutions to almost double brand-new item sales and broaden the core innovation portfolio by leading numerous value-added jobs for international vehicle, aerospace and electronic devices business. Prior to signing up with Hanwha Solutions, Kim held period as the international R&D leader at Momentive Efficiency Products, the second-largest international producer of silicon-based items. Kim got his Ph.D. in chemical engineering and used chemistry from the University of Toronto, Canada. He has actually released high-impact journals in the field of polymers and nanocomposites, and maintains 15 patents associated to polymers, finishings and silicon-based products.

Dr. J. H. Woo– Chief Science Officer

Dr. J. H. Woo has actually worked as a clinical research study engineer at General Motors Global R&D Centre, looking into nanostructured silicon anode products with synthetic strong electrolyte interphase (SEI), lithium-ion battery efficiency optimization, and electrode product synthesis. His research study competence concentrates on the synthesis of silicon anode products for high-energy batteries in long-range EVs and on interfacial engineering for sulfide-based all-solid-state batteries (ASSB). Getting his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at the University of Colorado Stone, Woo has actually released prominent literature in global journals, such as in Advanced Products, that advanced the field of silicon anodes and ASSBs. His high-impact research study has actually caused a significant battery products NASDAQ-listed business licensing Woo’s patent connected to ASSBs.

Dr. D. M. Whang– Lead Scientific Consultant

Dr. D. M. Whang’s research study competence depends on the field of fabrication and production of low-dimensional nanomaterials, particularly graphene, semiconductor nanowires, and permeable nanostructures for applications in EV lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells and numerous energy storage applications. Whang owns more than 50 patents of which two-thirds are co-owned with Samsung Electronic devices, and he has actually likewise co-authored more than 177 peer-reviewed publications with over 13,850 citations. Whang is a teacher at the School of Advanced Products Science & & Engineering and Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU). He got his Ph.D. in chemistry from Pohang University of Science and Innovation (POSTECH) in 1997, and prior to signing up with SKKU, he was a senior research study fellow at Harvard University.

This short article was composed in cooperation with Couloir Capital Ltd.

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