ADU 01165: Which Pix4D Variation Should I Utilize For Mapping a Roofing system?

Today’s program has to do with drone mapping software application. Which is the very best and most capable software application to map a roofing?

Our caller for today, Garrett from Ohio is puzzled with the myriad of mapping software application out there. He intends on using up a roofing mapping task and is thinking about utilizing Pix4D. However, should Garrett select Pix4DMapper or Pix4D Cloud? Apart from Pix4D, we likewise go over other alternatives like DroneDeploy, Eagleview, and the current entrant in the market, Skydio 3D Scan.

You will likewise find out how your last deliverable and acquisition technique affects the option of your mapping software application. And we likewise share some fantastic resources to assist you out. Delight in!

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  • [02:05] Our sponsor for today’s program is Drone U’s Virtual Mapping Class
  • [02:20] Today’s concern has to do with Pix4D
  • [04:40] Exists any significant distinction in between a mapping task and an assessment task?
  • [07:10] Have a look at our extensive drone mapping guide
  • [07:30] How your last deliverable and workflow effects your option of mapping software application
  • [08:15] DroneDeploy, Eagleview or Pix4D– which is the very best drone mapping software application for you?
  • [12:40] Is Skydio’s mapping software application an excellent alternative for mapping and modeling?
  • [15:10] Why Pix4DMapper is the very best alternative for Garrett
  • [16:33] What are a few of the greatest downsides of Pix4DCloud?
  • [17:40] Identifying your information acquisition technique


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