Xbox Commemorates Dedication to Ease Of Access on Worldwide Ease Of Access Awareness Day 2023 

Worldwide Ease Of Access Awareness Day is an amazing minute for Xbox to acknowledge the significance of ease of access, commemorate the gamers and designers with specials needs that belong to our lively, international video gaming neighborhood, and highlight current ease of access work at Xbox. To satisfy the requirements of over 427 million gamers with specials needs, and produce a platform where everybody feels welcome, safe, and represented, we understand that ease of access awareness and assistance is something that needs to occur every day and needs to become part of the neighborhood culture. What this assistance looks like will differ based upon the gamer, however eventually, ease of access at Xbox is everything about developing video gaming experiences that everybody can delight in.

Video Gaming is everything about the power of connection and play. And it has actually been extraordinary these last a number of months viewing the energy our neighborhood has actually taken into learning more about video game ease of access, specifically as we continue our own ease of access journey and push for a more inclusive video games market. On Worldwide Ease Of Access Awareness Day 2023, we’re thrilled to show you a few of the work we have actually been carrying out in assistance of our Video gaming & & Impairment neighborhoods, consisting of upgraded ease of access assistance pages, brand-new ease of access functions on PC, and acknowledging the accomplishments of countless Xbox Ambassadors who are demonstrating how simple and enjoyable it can be to discover video game ease of access by finishing over one million Availability Explorer Course objectives!

A Neighborhood Committed to Ease Of Access

Xbox Ease Of Access Ambassador Explorer Course– 1 Million objectives finished!

Xbox Ambassadors logo illustration to celebrate accessibility in gaming that features multiple stickers including the Xbox Adaptive Controller, the Xbox Accessibility team logo, a prosthetic leg, a service dog, a hand signing "love" in ASL, the Disability Pride multi-color zig-zag logo, an Xbox wireless controller, a brain, and the text "A11y"

The Xbox Ambassador program is house to a group of international Xbox gamers where each member commemorates the individuality of everybody who likes to play, promotes a safe video gaming environment, and above all else, makes video gaming more enjoyable. In 2015, when Xbox asked Ambassadors if there was interest in finding out more about ease of access, the response was a definite yes! This motivated the group to produce the Xbox Ambassador Ease Of Access Explorer Course, a gamified experience that enables Ambassadors to get more information about ease of access in video gaming, along with try brand-new video gaming ease of access includes throughout PC and console. Through the Explorer Course, Ambassadors are provided particular missions and objectives to finish, all while leveling up and having a good time.

Considering That the Xbox Ambassador Availability Explorer Course’s launch simply 7 months back, over 110 missions were postured to the group and today we are thrilled to reveal that Ambassadors jointly finished over 1 million objectives focused around ease of access, with over 18,000 specific Ambassadors contributing. Have a look at some stories from Ambassadors listed below:


ctrlaltcraft smiles in an Xbox t-shirt, holding up a pink and orange Xbox controller next to her face.

How would you explain the experience of following the Availability Explorer Course?

Extremely useful! And extremely interesting. It’s interesting to see a service like Microsoft and Xbox taking ease of access so seriously. It draws from a myriad of resources and short articles. It wasn’t simply slapped together like a service fabricating interest in ease of access to appear on-trend. You can inform the group that put all this together in fact truly appreciates this cause.


ItsMileyGirl holds up an Xbox Pride controller in front of their mouth, with a Pride flag in the background. She is wearing transparent glasses and a pink headband.

What effect did the Availability Explorer Course have on how you consider ease of access in video gaming?

Prior to I began the Availability Explorer Course I was simply beginning to find out and promote for ease of access in video gaming, however finding out more about ease of access alternatives and how they work and the significance they have in video gaming and media made me value them a lot more. Now I’m an even fiercer supporter!

If you have not done any of the Availability Explorer Course objectives yet, all I can state is do it! You have actually got absolutely nothing to lose however a heap to get. You get sweet XP, a brand-new badge for your profile, get the tools to be a reliable ease of access supporter and you find out more about ease of access alternatives and their significance. It’s a win-win-win!

Have A Look At more Ambassador stories here, and sign up with Xbox Ambassadors today!

New Ease Of Access Updates from Xbox

Upgraded Ease Of Access Assistance Pages

Late in 2015, Xbox revealed a revamped, simpler to browse assistance center for gamers to discover all the ease of access includes offered on console and Windows gadgets. In assistance of Worldwide Availability Awareness Day, we are happy to share assistance pages now cover more than 150 ease of access controls throughout PC and console, consisting of brand-new short articles like: Changing the controller stick settings in the Xbox Add-on app|Xbox Assistance and Availability manages for Xbox for PC and Xbox Shop apps

Xbox support page displaying how players can adjust stick settings.

Gamers can access the complete list of assistance pages through the ease of access website, within the ease of access tab on Xbox App on PC,, and coming quickly to Video game Bar.

New Ease Of Access Settings on Xbox App on PC

In March, the Xbox App on PC presented a brand-new ease of access settings menu that includes 2 brand name brand-new settings: Disable background images and Disable animations. These settings are created to assist gamers minimize visual elements that might trigger disturbance, confusion, or inflammation. Hyperlinks to extra ease of access settings and a link to get more information about available video gaming are now likewise offered in the brand-new settings menu.

A screenshot of the new Xbox App on PC accessibility settings menu, depicting the ability to Disable background images and Disable animations.

Have A Look At a YouTube video that offers an introduction of the brand-new settings and functions of the Availability settings menu in Xbox app on PC.

Enhanced Experience

It’s simpler than ever to discover your next preferred Xbox video games! A brand-new upgrade on the Microsoft Shop on now enables users to filter and search video games based upon their ease of access requirements and choices, along with look for video games based upon their Supported Language, with over 17 supported languages. For instance, let’s state a gamer is wanting to discover Action & & Experience video games that have adjustable problem settings and spatial audio assistance. The enhanced experience enables users to do simply that— and more– by using various filters, consisting of 20 ease of access filters, to discover their next terrific video game throughout Console, PC, and Cloud. Attempt it out here

The landing page for Microsoft Store on, showing a filtered list of games with “Pausable” settings.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Xbox Plays Livestream

Image of Cal Kestis, with details of the Xbox Plays Star Wars Jedi: Survivor livestream, taking place Thursday, May 18 at 11 am PT / 2 pm PT on Twitch.TV/Xbox

Cal Kestis and the Mantis team are back to stand versus the Darkness in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Tune in to the Xbox Twitch channel on Might 18th at 11 AM PT to enjoy Lead UI/UX Designer Jordan DeVries and Tara Voelker, Sr. Ease Of Access Lead at Xbox, play Jedi: Survivor and explore the video game’s ease of access functions and how the group aimed to guarantee that as numerous gamers as possible might accept the dream of being a Jedi Knight in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Audiences will have an opportunity to win a collector’s edition of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Development Made on Existing Ease Of Access Offerings at Xbox

Microsoft Video Game Ease Of Access Screening Service (MGATS)

In February 2021, Xbox released the Microsoft Video Game Ease Of Access Screening Service (MGATS), a program established for publishers and designers to confirm the ease of access of their video games, and because launch, Xbox has actually included details for designers around how to confirm Availability Function Tags in their video games. To make it simpler for designers to comprehend the requirements behind those tags, Xbox has actually included 119 test actions and 124 examples to Ease Of Access Function Tags– Microsoft Video Game Dev|Microsoft Learn Assistance consists of screenshots from As Sunset Falls, Flight Simulator, Forza Horizon 5, Grounded, Halo Infinite, Minecraft and Sea of Burglars to supply examples of conference requirements.

In addition, because launch, MGATS has actually included a ‘Gamer with Impairment’ providing with focused feedback on core video game and interaction functions. We are thrilled to share that over the previous year, gamers with specials needs have actually logged over 13,000 hours of screening throughout the program, all in an effort to make video games more enjoyable and available for everybody.

Video Game Ease Of Access Function Tags

Microsoft’s Video game Availability Function Tags were produced to make it simpler to discover video games that have ease of access functions gamers require to delight in a video game. At launch 2 years back, video games with over 4 tags were showcased at our Availability Spotlight, a place on the Xbox shop where consumers can discover video games that consist of a range of ease of access functions. Ever since, a growing number of designers have actually tagged their video games, raising the bar for what it requires included in Availability Spotlight. Now, video games need to have 6+ tags to be highlighted, due to the large variety of titles with numerous tags. In addition, we have actually included brand-new functions on the Xbox App on PC that enables gamers to find Video game Availability Function Tags for various video games, along with filter alternatives.

Xbox Celebrating Ease Of Access Worldwide

Xbox partners with Korea’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Image of an Xbox Adaptive Controller set-up, complete with a controller and other outputs.

From May to September, Xbox will partner with Korea’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) for an art exhibit entitled “Video game Society”, showcasing modern visual artwork embodying video games’ creativity and realism. Among the exhibits will highlight video game ease of access and will consist of the setup of the Xbox Adaptive Controller for visitors to utilize.

For the current details, click on this link

XboxNL and HiPerks Structure s potlight the Xbox Adaptive Controller

In 2018, Xbox released the Xbox Adaptive Controller as part of our objective to empower players worldwide to play the video games they desire, with individuals they desire, on the gadgets they desire. In honor of GAAD, Xbox Netherlands is thrilled to partner with Paul Van Der Made, a gamer with a special needs, and the HiPerks Structure to launch a brand-new video series showcasing the effect the Xbox Adaptive Controller continues to have for gamers with specials needs.

Have a look at the video series at the following links:

Xbox is fulfilling professional athletes at the Unique Olympics World Games Berlin 2023

Two logos side by side on a white background, the left logo is the Special Olympics logo and the right logo is the Xbox logo.

For the previous 2 years, we have actually had the enjoyment of partnering with Unique Olympics to display the power of addition in 2 impressive Video Gaming for Addition esports competitions. This year, we’re thrilled to continue our assistance of professional athletes and Unified partners at the Unique Olympics World Games Berlin 2023. In June, Xbox and the addition professional Humanelektronik will be offering Xbox video gaming stations in the professional athlete’s lounge in Berlin. Professional athletes and Unified partners will have the ability to relax, relax from competitors, and attempt various Xbox ease of access functions and video games while getting in touch with other individuals from worldwide through the universal language of play.

To learn more, have a look at our Xbox Wire DACH material series and the main site of Unique Olympics World Games Berlin 2023

More Ways to Play: Increasing the Ease Of Access of Our Games

Forza Motorsport

Last month, Turn 10 Studios shared how they are developing their most available Forza Motorsport ever, that includes an ingenious ease of access function set called Blind Driving Assists (BDA), developed for gamers who are Blind or have Low Vision. Blind Driving Assists work by offering a set of extra audio hints created to assist Low/No Vision gamers browse the tracks of Forza Motorsport The functions were integrated in close collaboration with the Impairment neighborhood over 2 years, consisting of Availability Expert and Blind player, Brandon Cole.

Other significant ease of access functions in Forza Motorsport consist of one touch driving, a personalized narrative system, Colorblindness Modes, and more. To learn more on the ease of access functions in Forza Motorsport, click on this link

Minecraft Legends (Offered with Xbox Video Game Pass, Cloud, Console, and PC)

Key art for Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends is a brand-new action technique video game, where gamers need to lead their allies in brave fights to protect the Overworld from the devastating piglins. The video game, launched last month, consists of a host of ease of access functions, consisting of:

  • Text to Speech (both natively along with within video game menus)
  • Controller Options
    • Other controller functions consist of changing the positioning, intending level of sensitivity, and toggle modes for structure and sprinting.
  • Text size alternatives
  • Consisting of the capability to set text at 100%, 125%, or 150%
  • Colorblindness Mode, consisting of:
  • Subtitles.
    • Readily available both in-game and in pre-recorded video files (FMVs) utilized in the computer game.

Hi-Fi Rush ( Offered with Xbox Video Game Pass, Cloud, Console, and PC)

The key art of Hi-Fi Rush, with Chai and his band of friends facing off against a horde of evil robots!

In January, Xbox launched Hi-Fi Rush where gamers star as wannabe rockstar Chai, resisting versus an ominous robotics improvement corporation utilizing rhythm-amplified fight where whatever– from the movement in the environment to the blows of fight– is synced to the music.

Hi-Fi Rush was created to supply as numerous gamers as possible with the chance to live out their own rock star dream through video game personalization and ease of access functions. This consists of Rhythm Visualization, which enables gamers to envision the beat pulse in the environment and UI, permitting the video game to still be finished when playing without noises made it possible for, an Auto-Action Mode for users that have problem carrying out complex button, 4 various problem settings, the choice to change typeface size and subtitles, and more. Have a look at Hi Fi Rush‘s complete ease of access guide

Deathloop ( Offered with Xbox Video Game Pass, Cloud, Console, and PC)

Hero image of Colt Vahn

In Deathloop, 2 competing assassins are caught in a mystical timeloop on the island of Blackreef, destined duplicate the exact same day for eternity. The video game, launched in 2015, includes a multitude of ease of access functions, which can all be discovered within a devoted Availability classification within the alternatives menu. These consist of gameplay settings that permit gamers to additional personalize fight in Single-Player Mode, such as increasing or reducing fight problem, changing the variety of Reprises, and slowing video game speed.

The video game likewise consists of a brand-new HUD and subtitle alternatives, consisting of the capability to alter the size, opacity and color of numerous text and visual aspects. Have a look at Deathloop on Xbox today.

Senior Citizen Scrolls Online ( Offered with Xbox Video Game Pass)

Gameplay of Elder Scrolls Online

In Senior Citizen Scrolls Online, gamers are welcomed to experience endless experience within the Senior Scrolls world. In February, Senior Citizen Scrolls Online was upgraded on Xbox to consist of a screen narrative tool which enables most of the video game’s menus to be told and can be instantly made it possible for when the video game is taken into Availability Mode. Gamers can likewise manage both the speed and volume of narrative.

Other quality-of-life additions were carried out, consisting of an extremely asked for function that enables users to conceal their character’s shoulder cosmetics. Have a look at all the ease of access opti o ns offered and Senior Citizen Scrolls Online on Xbox today.

Adios (Offered on Console and PC)

The key art for Adios, which shows the main character sitting at a table eating breakfast.

Adios is a cinematic first-person video game focused around a pig farmer in Kansas who chooses he no longer wishes to work for the mob. A partner of the [email protected] Designer Velocity Program, the video game was produced by GB ‘Doc’ Burford, a handicapped video game designer whose lived experiences eventually motivated parts of the video game.

” I keep in mind when I was dealing with Adios, I created all of the scenes to accommodate individuals with ADHD,” Burford shared. “( For instance,) there’s a scene in Adios where you really play a video game of horseshoes while having a discussion at the exact same time.” Since a lot of the video game includes discussion, Burford desired “things you might fidget with, things you might do, things that keep you acting while (discussion is occurring), however not so extreme that you can’t focus on both at the exact same time.”

As a video game designer with a special needs, Burford shares that he often experiences persistent discomfort, however “when I make a video game, I get to go elsewhere. I get to be someone else. Composing is among the couple of tasks that is entirely disability-friendly. It’s completely fit for me.”

Have A Look At Adios on Xbox today.

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