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In the best episode of her podcast Better than Me, Emmy award winning starlet Julia Louis-Dreyfuss spoke with 85-year-old actress-fitness expert-activist Jane Fonda. The podcast is based upon the property that we can discover a thing or 2 from the experiences of older ladies to not make the very same errors that they did. In a discussion which covered subjects from love to work out to parenting, Julia asks Jane a last concern: What piece of guidance would you offer your 21-year-old self? And Jane Fonda responded, “No is a total sentence.”

Jane Fonda is amongst lots of popular individuals from Oprah to Maria Shriver who promote the significance of stating no, specifically for ladies. However how do you interact a reliable no? How do you state no in such a way that preserves your relationship with the asker and keeps your credibility undamaged? How do you decline somebody in a way that is not stuffed with stress and anxiety and filled with dispute?

In my brand-new book The Power of Stating No: The New Science of How to State No that Puts You in Charge of Your Life, I present the principle of Empowered Rejection– a method of stating no that is convincing and does not welcome pushback from others. An empowered no comes from your identity and offers voice to your worths, concerns, choices and beliefs. It is a method of stating no that offers voice to what matters to you, not a rejection of the asker.

Find out the power of stating no to organize your life

Think about the following circumstance: You have actually simply finished your yearly evaluation with your manager in which you explained a concept you have actually been thinking of. She reacts positively to your concept and concurs that it would be actually helpful for organization and indicates that if it works it would make your upcoming promo a no-brainer. You are encouraged by this and choose to reserve a number of hours after work every Friday to establish this concept as your own individual enthusiasm job.

Now, envision that it is a Friday night and an entire lot of individuals at work are headed to a regional dining establishment for beverages and supper and welcome you to go. You are dedicated to dealing with your job, however how do you state no to your work coworkers? Maybe you attempt to come up with a reason “I need to burn the midnight oil” or tentatively provide an apology “I am sorry, however I can’t due to the fact that I actually need to deal with this job”. What my research study reveals is that when you develop reasons or state a wishy-washy no as if you are running versus your own will, you are most likely to be convinced by your pals (” C’mon, it will be enjoyable! why do not you work tomorrow”) and catch the public opinion.

Intent, Awareness, and Clearness

Rather, if you change stating “I can’t” with “I do not” you encounter as taking a company position and do not welcome pushback or settlement. In my research study I discover that “I do not” communicates empowerment and puts you in the motorist’s seat of your own life. In stating no to your office coworkers, you may state “I do not head out on Friday’s, it’s enthusiasm job day.” By merely changing “I can’t” to “I do not” you are most likely to be able to adhere to your strategy and likewise acquire the regard of your peers.

The Art of Rejection

In my book I explain a trine proficiencies that you can establish and practice to master the A.R.T. of empowered rejection. The acronym A.R.T. represents

A.– Awareness

R.– Guidelines, not Choices

T.– Totality of Self


Due to the fact that of the you-centeredness of empowered rejection, a crucial component you require to establish is self-awareness. To state “no” to something efficiently, you require to look inwards and be clear about your function and what you view as significant to you. You require to establish an understanding of your own worths and beliefs and a vision of what success and joy appears like to you. You require to purchase comprehending responses to concerns like: What triggers happiness in you? What is your rockstar quality? What holds you back? Do you have chatter in your head that you require to silence? This deepened self-awareness will allow you to sort in between the “helpful for me” activities and the “bad for me” activities and assist you choose what to state yes to and what to state no to.

Guidelines, not Choices:

Equipped with self-awareness, you then require to develop basic guidelines to assist your choices and actions. I call these basic guidelines individual policies. Individual policies assist enhance your rejection and empower you to state no with conviction and decision. When we look inwards and establish a system of individual policies, we will discover it simpler to state an empowered no. For example, your work coworkers are most likely to establish a getaway on Thursday and welcome you for that, if they understand you are not available on Fridays.

Totality of Self:

A rejection is an act of interaction and when you utilize empowered language like “I do not” or “I constantly” “I never ever” you require to accompany these words with empowered body movement and non-verbal gestures like a warm smile, by leaning forward and with friendly gestures to enhance that your rejection has to do with you and not a rejection of the asker. Bear in mind that empowered rejection is a whole-body activity that includes both spoken and non-verbal interaction hints to be reliable.

So that is the A.R.T. of Empowered Rejection in a nutshell. Now let’s take a look at why it is a vital superskill for profession ladies.

saying no

Females Are Significantly Stressed Out and Scorched Out

A current research study by Deloitte discovers that 54% of Gen Z ladies report being worried all or the majority of the time (just a little more than 45% of millennial ladies) compared to 39% of Gen Z guys (37% millennial guys). Likewise, a McKinsey research study discovers that ladies are experiencing unmatched levels burnout in the office. Why are ladies so stressed out and significantly charred out at work?

One clear factor is that ladies are substantially most likely to state yes to office demands, feel forced to provide outcomes on time and handle unpromotable jobs (jobs that are lengthy however unrelated to efficiency on the task, like cleaning up the breakroom fridge, preparing a workplace lunch or arranging a retirement celebration).

Knowing– CHOOSING– to State NO

In the previous years approximately, I have actually taught the A.R.T. of empowered rejection to numerous ladies executives and have actually seen that when we discover to state no to the important things that do not matter, we permit ourselves the chance to live a larger, much better and more purpose-driven lives. The A.R.T. of empowered rejection makes prominent the intrinsic compromise in any choice that we make: when you state yes to something, you need to state no to something else.

Among the greatest supporters for the power of stating no throughout the years has actually been Oprah Winfrey. On April 10, 1994, Oprah composed the words that she keeps her desk as a day-to-day tip: “Never ever once again will I do anything for anybody that I do not feel straight from my heart. I will not participate in a conference, make a telephone call, compose a letter, sponsor or take part in any activity in which every fiber of my being does not resound yes. I will show the intent to be real to myself.”

We require to ask ourselves this Oprah-inspired concern: Am I stating a definite yes to the important things that matter and an empowered no to whatever else?

This visitor post was authored by Vanessa Patrick, PhD

Vanessa Patrick is the Partner Dean for Research Study, Executive Director of Doctoral Programs (PhD and DBA), a Bauer Teacher of Marketing and lead professors of the Executive Women in Management Program at the Bauer School of Organization at the University of Houston.

Ms. Patrick is a popular scholar in her field and serves on editorial and policy boards of leading scholastic journals, and she is presently a Partner Editor for the Journal of Market Research and the Journal of Marketing. She has actually served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Customer Research Study, Journal of Customer Psychology and the Journal of Selling and on the policy board of the Journal of the Association of Customer Research Study. She has co-edited unique problems on customer looks for the Journal of Customer Psychology (2010) and the Journal of the Association of Customer Research Study (2019 ).


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