UN - October 19, 2007

Today was a good day. Jess had an ultrasound and an amnio'. Looks like we're cued up for two boys. How wonderful. Two girls would have been wonderful as would have a boy and a girl. It's merely the knowing that's wonderful. It brings a reality to it that wasn't there before.

Also, I had lunch with Ferit, a friend and colleague from the place we both left. That was a breath of fresh air. It seems he's having the same motivational issues that I am.

On the way to meet Ferit, I was listening to an On Point broadcast about 20th century classical composers. Steve Reich was mentioned and the piece they featured from him caught my attention. I'm listening to it right now, thanks to a Rhapsody subscription which, otherwise, I probably should have canceled months ago. Glad I didn't. So anyway, I'm listening to Steve Reich and perusing two of my favorite photoblogs: Low Resolution and Making Happy. I had started doing that a couple of days ago, but I'm finding it's particularly pleasant with Steve Reich in the background. I hadn't really spent much time at all looking at photoblogs for the last year or so. There just was no time.

Anyway, one thing I've realized. Looking through those photoblogs (and others) is inspiring me. I had forgotten just how much time I had spent reading through photoblogs--many, many of them--before I took the job I just left. I need to start doing that again.