Rare Bird 2 - October 16, 2007

It's been close to a month since I left my job. I've busied myself with finishing tiling the three-season porch which I had started well over a year ago. It would have likely been finished last winter if it weren't for working 60-80 hour weeks for nearly a year straight. So along with tending to Jess and the nausea that comes with having not one but two buns in the oven it's been my main mission to get that taken care of.

It's back-breaking and often tedious work. Yesterday I laid the last tiles into the corners and cleaned out all the tools and crap from in there. For the first time, I could see a completely tiled room. That was nice.

And yesterday, Jess returned to work. She's only working half time right now. The nausea has subsided, but she still gets exhausted pretty easily. I hope being back at work helps her outlook a bit. I can imagine how depressing it must be to spend all day, every day so nauseous and tired that even reading a book is impossible.

With Jess back at work and the porch mostly done, I suddenly find that I don't have any excuses to not aggressively pursue job hunting. And I certainly am not suffering right now from a shortage of leads. But I find that the last thing I'm interested in doing is calling back recruiters or hiring managers from the companies that are calling with potential opportunities.

As I considered this on the way to meet Julie for lunch, I realized that I am thoroughly unexcited about getting a job.

I need to figure out why that is


You're kidding, right? You earned this break long ago. A job will present itself, and then you'll get excited about it, specifically. In the meantime, keep taking pictures and taking care of Jess; and, when you get a moment, give me a ring. I need to learn how to tile!

Posted by: Hugh on October 17, 2007 02:18 PM