Honk - September 29, 2006

An unusual thing to see iin the parking lot where you work. Sorta twighlight zone in a way.

There are big things afoot. It's a good feeling. I don't know if it's connected, but I've also shown my photoblog to three people where I work. For some reason, I've obsessively not told anyone about my photoblog. It's kind of nice though now, when people see the camera on my desk and ask to see my stuff, to just send them here. And then to see this as Doug's desktop background. That too was a little twilight zone. But in a better sort of way than fundamentalist transportation units in the parking lot.

So the other thing is that rather randomly, I've stumbled across The White Stripes. At one point Jess mentioned liking them. Then I heard one or two songs on internet radio, and I remember thinking that they didn't sound like what I was expecting from the name. Less generic, and in retrospect, way less. There was something that seemed kind of odd about the singer and his singing style. And then I read an article in the New York Times (of all places) about the Raconteurs, which features Jack White. He was presented almost mystically. I found myself compelled by the aura they put around this fellow. And now with my brand new Rhapsody subscription, I could just dig up The White Stripes and listen.

Just fascinating. It's not the kind of music I think I'd want on all the time, but Jack White has the most marvelously expressive voice. Like I haven't heard in ages. It was that which I was noticing on those few tracks I heard once or twice on internet radio.

There's the fact that it's just him and his... sister? How perfect.

And last but not least, Track 13 off Elephant: "Girl, You have no Faith in Medicine." Where did that come from?