Bike - June 08, 2006

Quite a while ago I wrote a post about the problem I had with many suburbs, aesthetically speaking. At the time, I lived in Newton, a fairly affluent suburb of Boston (I was renting), and I was writing about Wellesley, a really affluent suburb of Boston. I took very few pictures of those suburbs and posted even fewer (the shot from that day was one). For my "real" shooting, I went into the city.

I now live in Holliston, a not-so-affluent suburb of Boston, and one which is quite farther out from the city. I think since I've moved here over five months ago, I haven't had a single trip into the city for the purpose of taking photographs. I've been a little disappointed by that. And yet I've more or less given in to it.

Tonight, though, I took a walk around the actual neighborhood in which I live. And not just the abandoned railroad tracks--the actual town. As I walked around, I realized that as suburbs go, Holliston is the antithesis of Wellesley. There is very little about Holliston that is new or particularly well maintained. It is far from having the kind of town-planner mentality which keeps all the buildings, signs and streets looking all the same. Nothing in Holliston has what I would describe as much of a sense of style. And if Holliston as a whole had such a thing, that style would be "Random."

I'm becoming more interested in it...