Hammock - May 31, 2006

While perusing the shots I took today on what was not a very fruitful trip, I noticed that today I snapped my 10,000th photo on the 20D. And for all intents and purposes that might as well be my 10,000th photograph ever. I doubt that all the photos from all the other cameras I've ever owned in my entire life add up to much more than two or three hundred.

This of course also means that a mere 2 percent of all the photos I take are generally worth posting.

I spent the weekend with my old, dear friend Jeff in Brooklyn. That was him in the last post.

I also got a circular polarizer. I have yet to use a picture which benefits from it, but that's a lovely little bit of relatively simple technology. Physics, man... physics.


I wander how many minutes of times 10,000 photos capture. At 1/250th as an average....that's 40 seconds... I think.

Posted by: jeremy on June 1, 2006 12:00 AM