Dream Pop - April 09, 2006

It seems I've "discovered" dream pop. Recently I went out searching for one of my college faves which I only had on vinyl: Lowlife. I found them. As it happens, most of their stuff just got re-released. As I was doing that little search, I read a description of their genre as "dream pop." Never heard the term before.

Now it seems that Film School is also dream pop. I guess I like dream pop.

As it happened, shortly after re-accquainting myself with Lowlife, I began to realize that while they had a lot going for them, they didn't have the goods to back up all the fuss. I think Film School does.

This is a group that is not afraid to just crank it out.

It's all honest in a way that The High Violets and Death Cab for Cutie just aren't.

Additionally, I've done a bit of reading about Film School and a couple of other bands, and one name that keeps popping up is My Bloody Valentine. I think I need to check out some of their stuff.


Love this pic. do I see a firehydrant in the background? My spelling is the pitts.

The Tart

Posted by: cheap tart on April 9, 2006 09:13 PM

I don't know anyone there but My Bloody Valentine who weirdly enough I pulled out the other day along with Cocteau Twins "Heaven or Los Vegas" and played on the wheels of steel. Those where the days, when album covers meant something.

I think "dream pop" is a good name for the genre, although I've never heard it before either.

Posted by: jeremy on April 9, 2006 10:22 PM