Wreckage - March 23, 2006

Toight I was driving to replace what I thought was a defective Airport Express. Turns out this is a defective computer. I thought, a couple of years ago when I got this PC that my previous Macophilia was just partisanship. Now I know it's not. I really think my next computer will probably be a Mac. I think Aperture would be a hoot.

But that's not what I wanted to write about. As I was exiting I95 to get on Route 9, I had a thought about what I would call this post. It was really a good title. And "Wreckage" wasn't it. I wish I could remember that title.

The post was to be all about the realizations I've been having about what's become important to me, and whether what seems to have become important to me will make me happy. I've come to realize that it might not. I've come to realize that I need some perspective. I need to take stock, as it were.


Great tonal range Tom. That wine rack looks like it would make a good bench for the shed.

Posted by: jeremy on March 24, 2006 02:38 AM

I was going to say salvage that wine rack, fill it up with lots of decent wine, and spend some time sipping and contmplating and before you know it you will have found the prespective you need!

Posted by: Bob on March 25, 2006 09:41 AM