Random sense-memories from times passed - March 17, 2006

A few nights ago was the first experience this year that has resembled spring. It took me until the evening to appreciate the day, which must have been glorious. Simply splendid.

And then I got an email from Jeremy at phototext. It was a response to something I wrote some time ago. I had forgotten about it and it was nice to be reminded of it.

It was good to start getting me thinking more about doing some shooting. Maybe different kinds than I've done up until recently. This winter was a triple whammy: new house (=have less time than I used to), living in the suburbs (=need more time than I used to to get into the city, where I shoot), and cold and inclement out (=have less desire to use what little time I do have in outdoor settings). The house intensity has calmed a little. The weather's getting warmer. And my motivation is on the rise thanks to a couple of doses of spring. The smells of organic matter in the evening, something you don't get when it's cold out, triggers all sorts of sense memories. They're like a little micro vacation from having to be on top of every last fucking thing. I lapsse back into a time when I didn't have to consider things like where the money's going to come from. And how will I keep it coming. Not that I have any huge financial worries, but looking to a future with a family raises the level of where "rock bottom" is.

I am going to love L O V E it when spring finally hits for real.

And can I say, Jeremy has done some amazing stuff the last few days. I swear, one of the things I love the most about that shot is that I have no clue where he gets his ideas. But he should figure out how to bottle it. He'd sell a lot of it.



Cheers !

The concept of spring there and here are very differant beasts. Also winter here really nothing to complain about, it gets cold but I have to travel for two hours to get to snow.

Seeing the world through photoblogs has been quite eye opening, bringing those abstract ideas of freezing cold into something real. I don't know how you people cope with it. :-)


Posted by: jeremy on March 20, 2006 01:20 AM