Two Buildings - November 20, 2005

It occurred to me today that the photos I've been posting recently correspond to Brian Eno. Particularly the wide angle stuff and the stuff from South Boston. But I still have been listening to a whole lot more Elliot Smith than Brian Eno.

Do I have a lot of "Elliot Smoth" photos? Well, not really. Elliot Smith photographs have people in them. I don't have a ton of those.

This is actually the second shot I've posted of this subject. The first is this one.

We just about finished our post-inspection renegotiation of the price of the house we're hoping to buy. I say hoping because I'm beginning to learn that these things can go south for oh-so-many reasons. But our fingers are crossed. P&S gets signed either tomorrow or Tuesday.

Sheesh. A house.


New lens ?

Great tonal range.

Posted by: Jeremy on November 27, 2005 12:39 AM