Stone Wood and Metal - November 17, 2005

I'm simultaneously thrilled and kind of frustrated and pissed.

I had been dying, dying to get out and give the ol’ 10-22 a workout. Okay it’s not “ol’,” it’s brand-spanking new. But I digress. And tonight was the night as Jess was out seeing The Sisters Rosenzweig.

So there I am out with the new super-wide, out to take the picture I had imagined taking since I originally thought about getting the lens. How great was it to discover that the camera had been set on ISO 1600 for the first ten or so shots? Just lovely.

And then, after switching to a different flash card, what happens next? The unnervingly common camera freeze-up. No error. No nothing. No camera really. Just a freeze that won’t let up until a battery removal and replacement. I’m really hoping it’s the card, although that would kind of suck. Lexar media doesn’t strike me as the kind of company particularly likely to exchange my card for a new one.

So I’m kind of frustrated and pissed. I’ve got about half the number of pictures I’d have liked to come back with. I have what might be a defective camera. And I froze my ass off.

But the picture I imagined taking, I took. And a few others. This one is it. The one I thought about. I don’t know. I could be just kind of bent. But I am crazy about the possibilities of wide angle.

The thought for this photo came on careful study of this one. It's not until you look at the two of them... c a r e f u l l y ... that you realize just what super-wide angle enables.

One more thing. I don’t have any of those “________ of the day” type features here. But if I did, and I were starting it today, I’d start with this.