Flora - October 28, 2005

I'd have loved to get out during the daytime. But there is no more daytime after work (practically). Maybe this weekend. And I would have liked a wide angle 10-22. But that's a lot of money. Jess said she'd rather I wait until she got back before blowing such a wad. So I agreed. This much at least, I owe.

And so there I was doing night photography again with my 24-70 -- an absolutely awesome lens, just not very wide on a 1.6x crop. I think the bad experience last time with the battery, combined with numerous frustrated attempts to photograph in the rain had rather soured me a bit on night photography. And certainly I'd still love to get out and shoot a few daylight photos. But tonight's little shoot -- 20 frames tops -- was fun to do. And even more fun to work on once I got back. Really quite a hoot.

But I still think that a wide angle lens would be an awesome tool to study this place which I find fascinating.


Hey Tom... this shot looks good. I was out today with a friend who had a Sigma 10-20mm for his D70. Quite a nice piece of glass and just what you were looking for!

Posted by: Bob on October 29, 2005 10:31 PM

Cool light. Almost eerie.

Posted by: Dennis Rogers on October 30, 2005 12:53 AM