Zeff Photo - September 27, 2005

So I didn't post yesterday. That's a first for a day when I'm actually in town with access to my computer and the internet. But it was a hell of a weekend, and I was just exhausted. I mean just destroyed with exhaustion. So I skipped it.

Worth every second of relaxation.

But tonight I got out again. Bought a new Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod and Manfrotto grip action ball head. I'm not usually much for talking about equipment, but this has made night photography not only practical but a pleasure. The comparison between this and the piece-of-crap $60 plastic and aluminum tripod is indescribable. It's like my camera is fused to a stone pillar. And the grip action head makes composition an absolute snap. Plus I got a shoe-mount leveler which, for $30 is just indispensable.

And another thing. I think I could have saved about $50 getting the exact same set up on line. But there's a local camera shop called Zeff Photo and Video. They're smaller than the local behemoth photo outlet, Hunt's. But the sales folks are just amazingly helpful, unlike those at that other place. The salesperson, Joe, who helped me is an avid photographer whose specialty is medium format architecture photography. While he was helping me, I thanked him for taking the time. He said it was his pleasure. He loves talking about the equipment. He spent a total of 45 minutes with me. In addition to Rich who helped me a couple of days previously for a total of over an hour. That hour made all the difference. I knew without a doubt that I was buying the right thing for what I wanted.

I only wish I knew about them when I dropped that wad on my 20D and 24-70L... sigh.

If there's any of the seven of you reading this who live in the Boston area, check out Zeff Photo in Belmont. Fantastic place, awesome people.

Anyway, this isn't really my type of photo. It's kinda pretty in a postcard kind of way. But it was the quick and easy choice for a night where I wanted to write a bit. I got some other shots which are way more interesting, if not so bee-you-tee-ful. Coming soon...


Stunning shot.

Posted by: Jeremy on September 28, 2005 07:40 AM