Time - September 10, 2005

Everyone is talking about Katrina.

I've heard a lot of the government officials trying to calm the outrage with a supposedly level-headed response to reporters' questions. They say, calmly, that we simply must get to the bottom of this. They imply that it's not practical to get so upset about this when we simply have to figure out how not to let this happen again. Which would be fine.

Except haven't we been throuh this before? Isn't this the *exact* kind of thing we've been supposedly preparing for for the last four years? True, it's not a terrorist attack. But a terrorist attack would have actually had no warning. We had years of prep and days of warning.

And when I hear talk of commissions being set up to "investigate" this, I want to barf. Politicians investigating other politicians. Oh great.

Thank god the media seem so far to not be asleep at the switch this time. Let's hope they can do what I doubt any commission has a prayer of being able to do...

Oh, this is a picture of my sweetie. :-)


Tom, I hear you and agree... but I wonder how any of us can truly prepare for this magnitude of disaster? The stories of civilization turned on its heels reminds me of just how fragile human culture is in the face of the true force of nature. Even a relatively small meteor strike would have even greater impact than Katrina, but how could we begin to prepare for it??

I hate to political grandstanding as well. Who cares for investigations? Use the funds to better purpose, whateve that may be.

Posted by: Bob on September 11, 2005 09:05 AM