I Tried - August 19, 2005

I tried and I tried and I tried with this one. This... alleyway? alcove? whatever... in China town haunted me for weeks with the way it was lit in the evening. I took a couple of pictures, and decided I didn't like them because there was a bicycle chained to the railing. It stayed there for a long time.

Finally, it was gone one day and I went back and took shot after shot after shot with different compositions. But when I got back to look at it: nothing. I tried all kinds of things in photoshop (curves and untold other tricks that I've learned) to hopefully bring out that magic that I could see every time I passed it. Nothing. This picture just leaves me flat. It doesn't suck, but it's just not nearly what I expected.

Tonight I have to leave for Vermont for the weekend and don't have time to work on a photo. So, I've more or less given up on this photo and can't justify anymore work on it. But I know it's going to sit there and mock me as long as I have to stumble across it when I'm looking at shots from that time, maybe making me think that I should return to it and try and make it a success.

Fuck that. I'm putting it up just as it is. So there's nothing more to think about. Hell, maybe someone else will look at it and see something (maybe the same thing) that I can't seem to find in it.


I can see what you mean, but yeah, it doesn't quite work. The world does that sometimes, put's an almost picture somewhere along our paths just to mock us, just to make sure we know who's boss. :-)

Posted by: Jeremy on August 27, 2005 07:46 PM