Big Stress - August 16, 2005

My hope was to do some more work on a bunch of the photos I took on my Bumper Crop Photo Weekend Shoot. But as it turns out Jess needs to take a practice exam for the board exam which is tomorrow and Thursday. That is one beast of a test. I can't believe that someone who makes so little has to know so much. I'm not ragging on her salary, but anyone who has to know what she has to know should be paid a hell of a lot more. She's a genetics counselor, and those people make chicken feed. It makes me feel a bit as if I'm just sailing through life, and especially work. Oh well.

Anyway, she needs to use the computer that I do my work on (a PC). I'm actually a mac person, but business has forced me into using a PC. So that's the hot rod of the computers around the house and thus has all my photo software on it. Right now I'm using a very old iBook G3. Small, light, and infinitely more elegant than my behemoth Dell laptop.

My old writing friend.

The good news is that, with seeming clairvoyance, I processed my next three photos last night and uploaded them to the server. So I can't do work, but at least I can post.