The Jonas' - July 03, 2005

I thought I might be posting a photo from outside the shack. I did return to that site and take a few photos, one of which I was completely ready to put up today, mostly in honor of just being up here. But it wasn't a great photograph.

And tonight Jess' parents had a little party for our recent wedding, and we spent a bunch of time sitting outside of the barn that adjoins their house. Even before twilight, the light was fantastic, and I kept taking way more pictures of the people than I would have ordinarily, not wanting to be an annoying shutterbug in people's faces. But the light was great, and the red of the barn and the green of the trees and grass combined with the soft light on people faces made such nice photos. And I kept noticing the window right across from me. So after dinner (which, delightfully, was IN the barn) I slipped out to take a picture of the window.

I suppose there's a tinge of melancholy in this photo, but to me this is such a happy picture. It probably has a lot to do with the several glasses of wine I had previously. And also the wonderful company, all of whom were there to eat, drink, reminisce and to wish Jess and I well. It was so informal, and also, so genuine.

There are times it's just great to be alive.