Honey - June 28, 2005

For sure, this is not the kind of photo I had anticipated putting up here. But tonight, instead of getting right to the business of updating this site, I had to make prints of photographs to give as gifts at a gathering that is occurring in a couple of weeks. The prints were of my wedding. The wedding was small (just the two of us and three others) and took place two weeks ago.

The pictures needed a lot of work and still werent what I'd call “professional.” Not that I'm all so into that professional wedding photo look, but the photos weren't for me. There was a lot of work to do on them and I had to do it.

So it seemed that in the scant time I have between now and when I must get to bed, instead of posting the kind of photo I usually do, it would be appropriate to put up some pictures of my honey, love of my life, and new wife, Jess. She loves the camera, and in my humble opinion, the camera likes her pretty well too. But Im biased, I suppose.

Of course, these are just snaps, really. I hate posing people for photos.

This is to our second week-iversary.